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Our mission is to offer respite and programs to families struggling with the challenge of raising a child with significant disabilities, enhance effective parenting, serve as a center for implementing new and innovative therapies, while providing children with special needs comprehensive programs that support inclusion in the community and foster independence, enabling each one to reach a full potential.

To Support

The inclusion in society of Jewish boys and girls with significant intellectual and physical disabilities.

To Help

These special children improve their day-to-day lives in an atmosphere of and love that encourages and enables their development.

To Enhance

Effective parenting and the quality of life at home through the experience of partnership, support, trust and partial respite services.

To Provide

Innovative, high quality and comprehensive intervention programs, therapies, and behavior modification educational services to special children.

To Serve

As a center for implementing new and innovative therapies and for training professionals in these new therapies.

To Offer

Year-round retreats, respite programs and a summer camp, as well as seminars for parents conducted by healthcare professionals.